Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week (Part 2)

 So here comes another post about Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week!

This day I attended to Davidelfin's show, Hannibal Laguna backstage and Kina Fernandez's show.

My favourite without any doubt was Davidelfin, he quite surprised me, it was a really colourful collection, very young and full of joy, we also had the pleasure to attend to an interview the day before the show and he told us that somethig good happened in his life and he wanted to transmit that happiness to us. Hannibal Laguna show was so beautiful, he proposed a very elegant women, yet sexy and the colour palette was amazing, loved the colour transition of the collection. And last but not least Kina Fernandez, she proposed a very casual girl, romantic and soft, and the colours were also pastels.

Aqui os dejo con otro post sobre CMFW! Este día asistí a los desfiles de Davidelfin, Hannibal Laguna y Kina Fernandez, y mi preferido sin duda, fue Davidelfin.


Hannibal Laguna

Kina Fernandez

Davidelfin Pictures by Esther from Esther Relics, Hannibal Laguna pictures are mine, Kina Fernadez picture are from Patricia Li and all the videos are mine.

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  1. Buenas fotos! Sin duda mi favorito David Delfin..una colección hermosa..los colores me gustaron muchisimo.

    The Black Label

  2. the looks you've selected are so cool! i like them all :D

    All best wishes,
    Costin M. |

  3. Diossss que pasada de vestidos!!creo que de este post podria sacr inspiracion para una boda que tengo el prox año.besitos.

  4. me encantó la coleccion de david delfin, y la de hanibal laguna tambien estuvo genial!!!
    un besito :)

  5. La verdad es que el de David Delfín estuvo guay :), creo que ha sido mi favorito de todos los que he visto de él.
    Te sigo!!
    Un besoo

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  7. OMG! Such beautiful pieces! I'm speechless! Following! Check out my blog back and make me happy!