Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pull and Bear Openning Party!

Hi Everyone!!

It's Christmas! And making the most of my first day of Christmas Holidays I'm updating my blog.

So last week was very busy, I attended to the National Young Dessigner Award, I also had to hand in a lot of projects at university and many Christmas dinners (friends, classmates, family,...)

But this post it's about Pull & Bear Openning Party in Gran Vía!: there were cocktails, dj, press,... and you could shop! It was like a paradise!

And guess who I met again!!!!:

I met Pelayo AGAIN!!!

And also David Dalfin (I can't believe I closed my eyes...)

And I was wearing Zara vest and trousers, and Thomas Burberry shirt


  1. Looks like such a great time!!! I love how your friends are and you are rocking denim tops!!! EPIC!


  2. Qué bien nos lo pasamos Andi!!
    Ya habrá más días como estos :)
    Disfruta un montón de las vacaciones pero no demasiado que quiero que reserves fuerzas para cuando vuelva comernos Madrid juntos =)

  3. I'm loving the denim vibe everyone's got going on!

  4. Cool your photo and you blog. bravo
    Rafael from roumania